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Case Studies
Finger joint amputation

The finger joint amputation process is carried out by incorporating state of the art pulsed magnetic therapy that promotes growth of new tissues in injured body parts. The generation of new tissues promotes alignment and arrangement newly formed collagen fibres so that the cells of wounded section are merged together.

The index finger tip of Rodgau’s Mr D.K was accidentally cut off exactly below his nail bed during handling of a wood splitter.
He was treated for his injury at the University Hospital of Frankfurt am Main where he was suggested for medical care that does not include any surgical procedure.

To get rid of pain, the injured body part needs to be cleaned properly prior to applying required medicines. SANZA uses ACUTE and RELAX local therapy signals as part of its mat signal based pain therapy process for accelerating healing of wound. The utilization of Hemmholtz applicator at 10,000 electromagnetic field is also recommended for specific duration per day at the initial stage of therapy.

Wound healing with the SANZA envelope curve combination

Diabetic patient Mr K was suffering from venous insufficiency for which he used to wear support stockings. In conditions like weak leg vein, the patient faces difficulties like insufficient blood circulation in the veins of legs. To improve his health condition, he was treated with whole body mat of SANTERRA. Laser wand and Helmholtz applicator base local therapy was carried out. Bio frequency current was applied to actuate his entire body parts. It took only four months to fully recover from his leg injury. After successful completion of his treatment, now Mr. K does not hesitate to take a swim on holidays.

Abb.1 07.07.2008

This image is displaying the condition at the initial stage of local therapy carried out by using laser and Helmholtz applicator. The deteriorating condition of the injured body part is clearly seen in this picture. To be precise, the wounded part has dried and the redness of this part denotes increased blood perfusion.

Abb. 2 18.07.2008

This picture shows cleaning of wounded body part and its surrounding area. The generation and growth of connective tissues are obvious from this image. This tissue generation process denotes curing of wound from within and towards its surrounding section.

Abb. 3 08.11.2008

This image shows that the wound has not been cured fully. It suggests to continue further therapy to avert the possibility of generation of ulcer.

Progress of healing of a comminuted fracture of the collarbone

Date of the accident: 10.09.2011 - Fall onto the right shoulder with comminuted fracture of the collarbone

Date of procedure: 15.09.2011 - inpatient stay until 17.09.2011

Doctors recommended taking rest for minimum eight to nine weeks till the prospective flight duty (within 10th to 17th November).

From 18th September 2011, magnetic field based therapy and physiotherapy had been conducted to speed up recovery process. The process of magnetic field based treatment involved regular application of Helmholtz applicator, cushion and mat for two times. A base wrap was placed for providing required support during treatment.

Start of work – The first flight was scheduled on 31st October 2011 after reviewing X ray report by orthopaedic. As per that report, the patient was fully recovered and was stated physically sound to fly, although the patient did not complete total seven weeks post surgery.

"In early December I was already able to do all kind of sporting activities such as climbing - this preasures the shoulders a lot - but i could pursue them as if nothing had happend"

I would like to thank Mrs. Kohlhuber for great therapy. I am convinced that without her help, and especially the magnetic field therapy, i would have been at home for even longer."

2nd degree burn
Progress of healing of the burn.

The therapeutic product of SANZA is capable of healing second degree burn within only fourteen days.

Burn following a grill accident

Grill accident caused by accelerant. When Mrs B. Ruf faced second and third degree burns to her full upper body and face, she was admitted to hospital. After completion of first aid, doctor recommended her to stay for eight to ten days as per her medical condition. It was assumed that residual scarring would emerge on her upper arm and face. The regular application of SANZA’s wound healing technique quickens her recovery process and she was permitted to leave hospital only after three days. The traces of burns on her face are not visible after using SANZA’s product for around one and half years.

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