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Meet Sanza Team

Christian Pichler

He founded Santerra in 2001 once he witnessed a successful year in the production of PEMF medical facilities along with his wife Petra. From the year 1984, he has been consistently successful as a owner and presently he holds responsibility for more than 50,000 50,000 PEMF customers based in Europe. He is proactive and vigilant, which is clear from the fact that he regularly provides training to all the business partners on the topics of advantages as well as clinical results using Sanza. Mr. Pichler is also working with a number of doctors (independent) and universities, which has been instrumental in the manuafcturing of Sanza - an ultra-modern multi therapy device.

Else Knaf MD

Dr. Else Knaf is a practicing general doctor. Since 2006, he has justified his credibility as the Santerra medical hotline doctor. She has previous experience as an assistant in surgery during 1974 to 1977 (in a Dortmund hospital). Further, during 1977 to 1979, she has worked as an obstetrician and gynecologist. Her credibility and work experience do not end here. From 1993, Dr. Knaf has successfully worked as a general practitioner. In Germany, she has helped various professional sports team and athletes by providing medical care. This tremendous experience when combined with her love for physics makes 'the perfect' Sanza doctor. Furthermore, her excellent command over the English language has been instrumental in creating International Sanza business associates.

Dr. Bernhard Knaf

He is an eminent part of sales and marketing team of Santerrra since 2005. In the year 2015, he was promoted to the position of the international executive. He is also a regular user of company's PEMF system from the year 2001 and he also works as an independent sales representative. He holds a diploma in nuclear physics from the Munich University. His eduction further boasts of a PHD from the Ruhr University. Dr. Knaf has 16 years of work experience with Canberra Elektronik in Frankfurt. He started working with this company in 1978 and was responsible for creating a sales team in USSR.

  • 1993 to 1996: Member of the German Government Delegation, which was created and worked under the minister of environment.
  • 1994 to 1993: CEO of Life Sciences International Gmbh in Frankfurt. Later on, he became an executive for Dr Knaf Consulting und Vertriebs GmbH and kept on working for eleven years.
  • 2009 to 2014: Representative as well as managing director of the secretary general of the economic council Germany.

Karen Seegert

From 1980, she is associated with PEMF therapy, as she had an accident that brought up issues like mobility, pain and depression. For her, PEMF therapy was the turning point in her life, as she healed completely without any pain. During 90's, she shifted to Germany and came face-to-face with PEMF systems that were supported by experienced doctors and studies. At that time, we was given the responsibility to study the horses with devices and record the assessment. After this, we started distribution of PEMF in Germany with Santerra.

Karen Seegert started her own business in 2006 (in Canada), wherein she used to provide treatment with neutro-ceuticals and PEMF. Along with this, she continued her study and completed all the programs which increased her knowledge and scope in the field of energy medicine.

She has international distribution rights of the Sanza and she remains quite busy to create a brand. She also handles regulatory operations.

FAQs Sanza Products

Can we use it during Pregnancy?

PEMF products have no known side effects that can be termed as bad or negative. However, it might present a legal issue.

Can we use it for menstrual cycle pain?

It improve cell functions and betters circulation. So it can prove beneficial in inflammation and the resulting pain.

Can it increase fertility?

PEMF boosts mitochondrial function which results in enhancing energy to the cells. This directly results in better quality of egg and sperm. So, for fertility Sanza with laser must be used on acupuncture points.

Can it benefit in after-pregnancy delivery surgery?

Immune system is directly affected by any kind of surgery. PEMF helps in boosting cell function whereas the BFS activates white blood cells (also called immune cells) for enhancing the overall immune function and hence helping in speedy recovery and managing pain caused due to surgery.

Does it help patients who are about to have a joint replacement?

Most of the joint replacements are bone-to-bone and it causes acute pain apart from some months of immobility. It is well established that PEMF enhances circulation and so it reduces their recovery time by speeding the overall healing process. By choosing a suitable Sanza product with a gentle sine wave, you can reduce pain as well as swelling as it will relax the muscles. Healing process can be boosted during acute stage by using the Helmholtz on bone setting.

Is it beneficial for spondylitis patients? / Can it help in joint pain? / Is it beneficial in slipped disc? / Can it cure fracture pain? Can it help in curing of the fracture?

PEMF can heal fractures that are very tough to heal. Hence, it is useful for Spondylosis, slipped disc and arthritis. Its regular use ensures increase in bone density. The Helmholtz applicator has the ability to deliver high frequencies directly into a blood supply. We recommend use of BFS along with PEMF to remove the toxins outside the body and hence reduce pain and inflammation.

How does it assists in severe sprain?

PEMF and BFs are a sure shot way of minimizing pain and swelling along with improving mobility. Sanza has a patented wave called the envelope wave. This is a two-processor based technology which augments the delivery field and overall effectiveness.

How helpful is it in old ligament issues and by what extent?

In chronic conditions, a combination of Helmholtz and laser is highly effective. Regular and consistent treatment will definitely present good results in the older health conditions.

Can it deliver benefits in case of internal bleeding and how?

PEMF boosts the flow of blood, so it is not recommended for use in case of internal or external bleeding.

What are the chances of it treating old burn marks or cut marks?

A large number of cells are stimulated which allows their repairing, regeneration and self-healing. With Sanza, there is an added benefit of PEMF with laser that delivers deeper penetration into the collagen layer.

Can it cure severe pain in muscles?

Depending on your condition, it is crucial to identify the actual problem. PEMF has been useful in relaxing muscles and minimizing inflammation. Research work has also justified its advantages on muscular skeletal issues.

Does PEMF helps in eye spectacle numbers?

Yes, PEMF has the ability to fix weak eyes. I got to experience this ability of the PEMF using it myself and my focus was not on that treat. It is evident that eye problems occur due to poor blood circulation and PEMF can help you in improving that.

Can I expect it to cure retina blood clot?

In different clinical trails such as eye trauma, ocular trauma and inflammation, use of PEMF has shown amazing results. So, it is possible.

Can PEMF treat pain related to eyes and headaches? / Can patients with severe migraine may reap the benefits of PEMF therapy?

Yes, a PEMF therapy can prove helpful for you not only in reliving, but also in preventing migraine and tension headaches. One of the causes of migraine is the abnormal blood flow. So, if your brain gets a healthy blood flow, then there a possibility that the symptoms of migraine will go away.

Explain how is it helpful for cancer patients. Also, tell us about the uses of it in chemotherapy.

Well, I have never said about the treating or healing the cancer, but let me explain it here. Cancer is a diseases that finds it tough to survive in an environment that is oxygenated. PEMF can oxygenate the cells.

Next, let's discuss how it is helpful in chemotherapy. PEMF makes it easy for you to activate your red blood cells. This way medications can run through your body efficiently. There are some negative effects of chemotherapy. You may experience poor production of red cells and platelets. It especially affects the white blood cells and you may have to compromise with your immune system. PEMF can improve the functioning of the cells. BSF does the job of strengthening and activating the white blood cells. Furthermore, many researches have proved it that the adverse effects of chemotherapy can be reduced with the use of PEMF.

Here, I must make it clear that I am not recommending you to replace an existing cancer treatment. But, you can use PEMF therapy to treat the cancer cells and keep the healthy ones in optimum condition.

Can severe mouth and stomach ulcers be healed and cured with use of it?

PEMF has the ability to speed up the healing process. It is also efficient when it comes to closing wounds, reducing inflammation and oxygenating the cells. Immune functioning is improved by BFS and it also plays a crucial role in detoxification. PEMF has proved itself when it comes to healing wounds that don't heal easily, for example, cellulitis and bed sores.

How it is helpful to treat liver disease?

I am glad to inform you that it is helpful in treating liver disease. PEMF is very helpful in detoxification process. Moreover, it works effectively when it comes to improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation. The processes of regeneration and bio frequency with the use of PEMF are most efficient.
Can it treat kidney problem? Also tell me about how it can be helpful for a dialysis patient.

Yes, PEMF increases the oxygenation and blood flow to the kidney. When it comes to how it is helpful for dialysis patient, researches have shown that dialysis patients using PEMF have improved their physical health, functioning, body pain and energy or fatigue sores.

How PEMF therapy can prove helpful for thyroid patients?

My answer will be in positive here. PEMF leaves positive effects on thyroid-stimulating hormone immediately. BFS can stimulate thyroid function.

What benefits heart patients can expect from it?

PEMF therapy is very helpful in improving blood flow and blood circulation. It has also been proved by the studies that PEMF is beneficial for heart rate and blood pressure as it does the job of increasing oxygen supply to the tissue. The reason of blood becoming sluggish is the malfunctioning of the red blood cells. The sanza with its patented envelope does the task of activating red blood cells quickly.

Is PEMF therapy helpful in controlling hair fall and regrowth of hair?

It is helpful. However, hair follicle must not be dead. Only then you can get it rejuvenated with increased blood circulation. Researches have proved that it has a positive biological effect on hair loss.

Can it be helpful in obesity?

Here, your aim is to heal your body at the cellular level. So, you can use PEMF with BFS to aid the detox function. It is must for us to understand the reason behind why a person is obese. Is it due to lack of right diet? Does the obese person exercises? Or do he or she has diabetes? The energetic people and people with better sleep feel more motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, PEMF definitely benefits the body cells of the obese person. 

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