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How Sanza Work

Head: SANZA assists in dealing with different types of eye related complications that include age related macular degeneration, cyst on eyelid/ chalazion, pink eye/ conjunctivitis, glaucoma, dry eyes, cataract and macular degeneration/ optic atrophy.
Diseases associated with ear, nose and throat: tinnitus; otitis; inner ear/ Meniere’s disease; rhinitis; laryngitis; loss of hearing.

Dental: periodontitis; periodontitis; dental fistula; post tooth extraction; prior and after endosseous implant; gingivitis; toothache.
Mental disorders: burnout; extreme anxiety; psychological stress syndrome; hypochondria/ neurosis; weather sensitivity; depression; trigeminal neuralgia; pressure headache; nervousness.

Neurological illnesses: headache; Parkinson’s; Alzheimer’s; stroke; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS); phantom pain; paralysis 2-4 limbs; sundeck’s atrophy/ dystrophy; torticollis; carpal tunnel syndrome; migraine; nerve tissue injury; MS.

Respiratory conditions: Bronchitis; cystic fibrosis; allergies; emphysema; COPD; cold/virus, pneumonia; infection; asthma.

Heart conditions and circulation: atherosclerosis; plaque/ angina pectoris; bypass- before and after OP; atherosclerosis; blood clot/ embolism/ pulmonary infarction; low pressure/ hypotension; heart attack; weak heart; loss of circulation to extremities/PAOD; high pressure/ hypertension.

Stomach and intestinal tract illnesses: heartburn; diarrhoea; colitis; crohn’s disease; gastrointestinal flu/ stomach flu; irritable colon; gastritis, constipation; stomach lining/ulcer; duodenal/ulcer.

Upper torso: arthritis elbow; frozen shoulder; flicking finger; herniated disc thoracic (lumbar spine, neck); arthritis shoulder; arthritis thoracic sine BWS; arthritis cervical HWS; bursitis; cervical spine syndrome; tennis elbow/arm; arthritis wrist.

 vertebral fracture; prosthesis interface hip loosening; arthritis lumbar spine LWS; periostitis; osteoporosis; necrosis (hip); artificial joints; shingles; sciatica/ lumbago; osteomyelitis; spondylolisthesis (lumbar); arthritis hip; vertebral fracture; osteoarthritis; osteochondritis; osteoporosis; perthes.

Urological: bedwetting; irritable bladder; pyelonephritis; incontinence; weak bladder; cystitis.
Genitals: hemorrhoid; inflammation prostate gland; enlarged prostate; erectile dysfunction.

Gynecological: endometriosis; premenstrual syndrome (PMS); menopause; amenorrhea; myoma; ovaritis/ adnexitis.

arthritis knee; heel spur; restless leg syndrome; venous ulcer; meniscus tear; glenohumeral osteoarthritis; achillodynia; thrombophlebitis; effusion in knee; myogelosis; bunion; varicose veins; tendovagenitis; arthritis ankle and foot; peripheral neuropathy; metatarsalgia.

General: Rheumatic/immune illnesses: hard skin/ scleroderma; inflammation of spine and large joints/ ankylosing spondylitis; inflammation knee/ arthritis knee; vasospasm fingers and toes /Raynaud’s disease; inflammation of joints /rheumatoid arthritis; fibromyalgia; inflammation ankle /arthritis foot; vasculitis /connective tissue disease; inflammation hip /arthritis hip; inflammation wrist /arthritis hand; rheumatism; immune illnesses /Rheumatic; lupus; /inflammation shoulder /arthritis shoulder.

Metabolic illnesses: delayed healing secondary wounds; elbow- high uric acid/ gout; chronic inflammation of pancreas /pancreatitis; high cholesterol / hyperlipidemia; obesity; knee- high uric acid /gout; diabetes; shoulder- high uric acid /gout; hand- high uric acid /gout; foot – high uric acid/ gout; hip- high uric acid /gout.
Infectious disease: shingles; cold sore /herpes; flu.
Sport medicine: Trauma/injury/wounds: dislocated joint; sprain; myalgia; fracture; pre workout and post workout muscle pain; bruise /hematoma; nonunion of bones; tear or muscle strain.

Skin: psoriasis; allergic skin reaction; excessive sweating /hyperhidrosis; carbuncle /bacterial skin infection/ boils; sunburn /dermatitis; hypertrophic scarring /keloid; lymph congestion /lymphedema/elephantiasis; burns; neurodermatitis; eczema; bed sores /pressure ulcer; acne.

Sanza in the home application

The full fledged health care approach adopted by SANZA aims to reinvigorate your daily life by strengthening your entire body. The natural stimulation based therapy of SANZA has positive influence on your mind and body.
Snaza’s therapeutic products are instrumental in activating nervous function via relieving pain of nerve muscles. The advanced therapy of Sanza promotes uniform circulation of blood throughout your entire body for raising oxygen supplying level. Adequate oxygen is required for revival of cells and for boosting energy level of body. Strong immunity system promotes natural healing capacity of human body.

Sanza in therapy & practice

In case you are a medical practitioner or therapist or neuropath and are eager to incorporate healing technique of SANZA in your restorative practice, then we welcome you to be a part of us. But, as per present legal clause, it is mandatory for us to verify necessary details about you prior to providing any medicinal reference.
Kindly share your contact information in details with us. You will be provided required information without any delay.

Laser application

The therapeutic process of Sanza wand involves magnetic field based treatment and laser therapy in a synchronous manner. Both of these therapeutic procedures speed up recovery of patient. Both of these medicinal procedures are parts of non invasive therapy which is executed on the basis of acupuncture points of patient. This type of treatment proves to be beneficial for treating scar tissue, skin infection, gum tissue, muscle tissue and tendon insertions. The light of soft lasers quickens healing process. Photon present in the light of laser rays is instrumental in providing human body required ATP ( a type of chemical compound) that helps to store required energy for activation of cells.
  • The envelop curves of Sanza’s magnetic field generators apply intensive point based diagnosis process.
  • This therapy promotes the idea of acupuncture points based treatment sans using needles.
  • Rigger point based therapy
  • Reflex zone therapy is a part of Sanza’s therapeutic approach.
  • All the products of Sanza adopt combined treatment procedures of soft laser and magnetic envelope curves to speed up patients’ recovery rate.
  • The laser based therapy is perfect for patients having cardiac pacemaker.
  • The stimulating effect of laser therapy promotes firmness of collagen fibers of face.

Bio-frequency current

Exposure to harmful parasites, virus and bacteria is a part and parcel of our everyday life. The intensity of this exposure varies from person to person. The bio-frequency current of Sanza on regular basis helps to get rid of bacterial or viral pr parasitic infections, boosts immunity functions and vitalizes human body.
The positive effects of bio-frequency current raises when it is applied in combination with magnetic field based therapy. Santerra has grown competency in recognizing the precise ranges of frequency of bio frequency current that can promote better immunity function. The therapeutic procedures of Sanza ensure about higher metabolic functions, better blood circulation and effective detoxification of human body.

Replication and existence are the basic features of all living organisms. Microbes that are commonly known as micro organisms exist and continue to live even under harsh environment. There are some bacteria that can adjust to survive even in severe weather conditions that are not suitable for the survival of other living plants or animals. Bacteria like fungi and viruses are capable of enduring extreme cold of Arctic region and are habituated with drastic heat. In fact, we all are surrounded by such microbes. These enter into our body through nasal passage, skin and digestive tract. There are some beneficial bacteria that are needed for our healthy living. Our intestine is a place where colonization of bacteria is a common occurrence. The community of such beneficial bacteria or gut flora has a key role in improving functions of our digestive system. Some of these good bacteria are effective in preserving right balance of pH level of skin and some are useful for maintaining proper vaginal health.

Pathogens are harmful microbes that affect our immunity functions. It is, therefore necessary to strengthen our immunity system so that our body can resist the attack of pathogen to avert diseases caused by such pathogens. Apart from dealing with bacteria, viruses and fungi, human immunity system has to tackle harmful effects of worms. For successful handling of worms, the defense system of human body i.e. immunity system needs to be reinforced. Any detrimental substances that human body acquires via breathing, touching or by consuming food tend to accumulate in our body in the form of toxin and affect our metabolic activities. Moreover, human body also generates waste substances that multiply the amount of toxic content. Excess toxin in human body in combination with other harmful factors may lead to serious health conditions.

Mechanism of action of magnetic field therapy

Sanza has adopted optimistic as well as pioneering approach in the arena of magnetic field based therapeutic procedure. Its cutting edge envelop curve based signal generation as well as signal guidance technique have proven positive effects on human health. Its magnetic field based treatment procedures involve application of magnetic pulsed signal therapy, magnetic field resonance therapy and classical magnetic field therapy. Approximately 90% of research based studies associated with the application of magnetic field based therapeutic procedure of Sanza can be applied practically to comprehend their feasibility. In short, it can be said, that Sanza is involved in applying its scientific studies in real life to improve diagnosis and treatment procedure followed in health care sector.
  • Effects of magnetic field therapy
  • Improved treatment procedures of pain management
  • Improved blood circulation rate
  • Strengthening of immunity functions
  • Acceleration of cell formation
  • Generation of new tissues and improved bonding of collagen fibers
  • Positive effects on overall health of human body

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